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galaxy zoo

The Team

Here are the details of the team that developed www.galaxyzoo.org

Dan Andreescu - Consultant by day, programmer and seeker of knowledge and fun by night. Avid basketball player and rookie surfer on the weekends.

Kate Land - Adds some glamour to the world of Theoretical Cosmology. She cannot sleep at night for thoughts about the early Universe, but sleeps during seminars instead.

Chris Lintott - Between www.galaxyzoo.org, investigating the chemistry of the early Universe and nearby star formation, co-presenting the BBC's Sky at Night program and writing for www.chrislintott.net, Chris usually wishes he had more time to sleep.

Phil Murray - Web designer, artist and director of Fingerprint Digital Media. Designer of www.banguniverse.com for Brian May, Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott. A keen musician and lapsed tennis and soccer player.

Bob Nichol - An astronomer, astrophysicist & cosmologist with interests in computer science and statistics. A senior member (or "Builder") of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the most ambitious digital survey of the sky ever undertaken. A long suffering supporter of Manchester City.

Jordan Raddick - A science writer and educator, creator of the science projects on the SDSS SkyServer web site, and an avid science fiction reader and writer. Jordan wishes he could visit galaxies in their natural habitat.

Kevin Schawinski - A D.Phil student at Oxford working on the formation and evolution of galaxies and their supermassive black holes who is usually trying to get more sleep. And coffee.

Anze Slosar - A theoretical physicist, who has has never sat behind a telescope, likes to drink good beer and wishes he would be richer.

Alex Szalay - A cosmologist, one of the creators of the SDSS SkyServer currently involved in building the Virtual Observatory, playing some music in his 'spare' time.

Daniel Thomas - A full-time galaxy zoologist interested in galaxies of any shape, age, colour and habitat in the universe. He likes sunbathing, his research focuses on the stars in galaxies and what they tell us about galaxy formation and evolution.

Jan VandenBerg - Ringleader of the IT support circus in the JHU Physics & Astronomy department.

Alainna Wonders - Tightrope walker therein

Sadegh Khochfar - A theoretical astrophysicist, who models the universe and the galaxies within them. From time to time he compares his models to the real thing, just go back and start all over again.


Polish translation by the Galaxy Zoo Poland support team.

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