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Galaxy Analysis

Welcome to Galaxy Zoo's view of the Universe. If you're here you should already have seen the Tutorial, but feel free to go and remind yourself. There's no need to agonise for too long over any one image, just make your best guess in each case.

galaxy to analyze

Galaxy Ref: 587736946814484565

Choose the Galaxy Profile by clicking the buttons below

spiral galaxy

If you find something REALLY unusual or strange and it does not look like anything in the how to get started section or in the FAQ, then post it up on the Forum or drop us an email with the reference number.

Dear Galaxy Zoo users,

Thanks for making Galaxy Zoo such a success!

With your help, we've been able to collect millions of classifications, with which to do science faster than we ever thought possible. We are currently preparing the first science papers for submission to peer-reviewed journals and we will keep you posted on the progress of the papers on the BLOG and the FORUM.

From now on, if you classify galaxies on the ANALYSIS page, your classifications will continue to be recorded and will be part of the public release, but it won't be part of the first round of papers.

But we still need you! Galaxy Zoo 2 will go live in the near future featuring a much more detailed classification system, while further off we plan GalaxyZoo 3 with lots of exciting new data. We'll notify all of you via the newsletter when we're able to start these two new endeavours.

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