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galaxy zoo

Galaxy Zoo Poland Support Team

Here are the details of the team that developed the Polish-language version of www.galaxyzoo.org

Lech Mankiewicz - hunts for fast optical transients in the sky. Coordinator of the "Pi of the sky" robotic telescope project and father of Agnieszka. In his spare time coordinates the EU-HOU project.

Waldemar Ogloza – astronomer from Pedagogical University of Kracow, variable star observer. He devotes his spare time to astronomical education and sailing.

Tomasz Skowron – astronomy amateur and educator. Daily teacher of physics and astronomy in secondary school in Szczecin.

Ariel Majcher - an astronomer and astrophotographer, likes watching sky through a telescope. This is the reason that he dreams about removal from Poland to Malta at least (along with the temperature in winter).

Jan Pomierny – founder and team leader of the Polish Astronomy Portal. Philosophy and classical music enthusiast who rests in mountains.

Krzysztof Czart – an astronomer and PhD student in a city where Nicolaus Copernicus was born, investigating the biggest stars in galaxies (those from Earth, too). In a spare time, he is a journalist as editor-in-chief of the Polish Astronomy Portal.

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